Snakes In Suits: When Psychopaths Go To Work


Paul Babiak, Ph.D. and Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.

Published by HarperCollins



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Media Coverage: 

Paul Babiak and Robert D. Hare have been interviewed by a number of newspapers, magazines, radio and television hosts.   Just a few of them are listed here:

Fraud Magazine, July/August, 2008 issue.  A cover story, entitled These Men Know Snakes In Suits: Identifying Psychopathic Fraudsters.


Science News, December 9, 2006 issue.  An article, entitled The Predator's Gaze, by Bruce Bower,

Bottom Line Personal, November 16, 2006 issue.  An article, entitled Snakes In Suits: Psychopaths in the Workplace, offers some advice to victims of workplace psychopaths. (live webcast for human resources professionals), October 16, 2006.  Host:  David Creelman.


Human Resource Executive, October 16, 2006 issue.  An excerpt from Snakes In Suits about recruitment issues.  The excerpt was titled: The Resume of a Psychopath.


The Australian - Australia, October 23, 2006 issue.  A review of Snakes In Suits, with quotes.


Opportunity Knocks (radio), October 7, 2006.  Host:  Tom Stern


ABC Melbourne Drive Show (Australian radio), October 9, 2006.


Psychology Today, October 2006 issue.  A short review of Snakes In Suits.


Barron's, September 4, 2006 issue.  A review of Snakes In Suits, entitled: Trouble at the Office - Dealing with Psychopaths is All in a Day's Work.


Mornings With Dave & Lisa D. (WJIM-FM), August 9, 2006.  Hosts:  Dave and Lisa


The Business Shrink (Lime Radio - Sirius Satellite 114), August 11, 2006.  Host:  Peter Morris  


USAToday, July 13, 2006 issue.  Babiak was quoted in a review of the movie, The Devil Wears Prada (starring Meryl Streep), by Marco R. della Cava, which appeared on the front page of the Life-Movies section. 


Atlanta Journal-Constitution, July 3, 2006 issue.  An article, entitled Surviving 'Prada Devils' at Work, which discussed how prevalent these individuals are in business, includes quotes from Snakes In Suits.


Business 2.0, July 2006 issue.  A short review of Snakes In Suits, entitled Caution: Psychos at Work.


Wake Up With Cosmo (Sirius Satellite Radio), June 26, 2006.  Hosts:  Taylor and Tia.


The Ferrall Show (Sirius Satellite Radio), June 7, 2006.  Host:  Scott Ferrall


The Wiseguy Show! (Sirius Satellite Radio), June 7, 2006.  Hosts:  Vinny Pastore, John Ciarcia, Joe Causi, Joe Rigano, and Floyd Vivino.


The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch (CNBC-TV), host Donny Deutsch recommended Snakes In Suits to his viewers, with a nice graphic of the cover.


The Today Show (NBC-TV), June 6, 2006; interviewed by Anne Currey.  You can read an article and view a video clip here:


Leeza Live, May 31, 2006.  Host:  Leeza Gibbons.


The Globe and Mail - Canada, August 17, 2005 issue.  Cover story in the Careers section, entitled, Do You Work for a Psychopath?,  by Wallace Immen.


FastCompany, July 2005 issue.  An extremely thorough, well-researched and well-written cover story, entitled Is Your Boss a Psychopath?, by Alan Deutschman.


The New York Times Magazine - The 4th Annual Year In Ideas, December 12, 2004 special issue.  The idea of Psychopathic C.E.O.'s is discussed in this article by Michael Steinberger. 


Harvard Business Review, October 2004 issue.   An article, entitled Executive Psychopaths, by Gardiner Morse.


The Guardian - Canada, September 27, 2004 issue.  An excellent article, entitled Beware: Danger at Work, by Kate Hilpern.


New Scientist, August 21-27 2004 issue.   A large, and well-researched article entitled, Snakes In Suits, by Laura Spinney.


Science, January 30, 2004 issue.   A brief article , entitled Snakes Behind Desks.


The Globe and Mail - Canada, January 28, 2004 issue.   A brief article, entitled Psychopaths on the Job, about the motivations of corporate psychopaths.


The Washington Post, January 25, 2004 issue.  An article, entitled Psychopaths at Work, by Richard Morin.


The Vancouver Sun - Canada, January 24, 2004 issue.  An article, entitled Corporate Psychopaths Blend in Well, by David Hogben.


Business 2.0, November 2003 issue.  An well-researched article, entitled Getting Inside the Boss's Head, about  executive assessment instruments, including the B-Scan 360 (developed by Babiak & Hare), by Paul Kaihla.



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